About us

Every Sweet Story Starts Somewhere.. 

The creation of The Confectionery Lounge came from the imagination of a Yorkshire girl with an ambition to do more, be more and achieve their full potential.

That Yorkshire girl was me, April Browne, Business owner.

With an uncertain mind at the young age of 18, I left school to join the big world of retail. I have been lucky enough to work for two amazing and successful businesses, and have learnt about all aspects of retail management and commerciality along the way.

The idea of The Confectionery Lounge came from wanting to apply all the learns and skills that I have gathered through my retail career, to create not only a product, but a brand that would stand to exceed peoples expectations, have mass potential to grow as a concept and most importantly, be part of taking someones day/event from great to absolutely AMAZING!

With a passion for all things sweet, my focus is to deliver the perfect addition to any event, whether that be a Wedding, Birthday, Christening, or corporate event. My job is to deliver and exceed any vision or expectation, and with our beautiful concept, this I am confident we achieve every time.

My further ambition is to expand our brand into gifting, and create perfect gifts for my customers to enjoy with their friends, family and loved ones. There is no greater joy than seeing that look of appreciation and thanks for a gift that is personal, thoughtful, and most importantly sweet. The Confectionery Lounge aims to create these perfect gifts, for every occasion.. Birthdays, Mothers Day, Father Day, Easter, Valentines, Christmas, the list could go on.. and by listening to your thoughts, ideas and wishes, we will deliver this with every gift we create personally for you.

With hundreds of ideas still ready to bloom, here’s to the start and the continued success of what I believe is a beautiful brand and concept for all.

With Love